Check Out My New Social Media/Author App Site

One of the best things I’ve done this year is to join Mighty Networks and create a new book celebration site where I can talk to readers, throw release parties, and post new info. Basically, it works like a Facebook group only easier and better. I love this site because there are no outside ads and no one getting throttled. I can respond to twenty people on a post and never get throttled. Honestly, I can’t say enough good things about it. I’ve thrown several celebrations so far and they’ve been a lot of fun.

When you use the link in this post, you can request to join. I have a couple of questions for you. Once you get approved (I’m getting to these quickly), you can select Groups to join so I’m not bothering you with everything. I’ve had the site since May and rarely post to all members. I see myself posting holiday messages and big announcements to everyone. Outside of that, I just notify a group. For example, Muse Inspired is releasing tomorrow. I’m just going to notify those in the Let’s Talk Fantasy/PWF group.

I set the site up with “Groups” that represent genres I write. Right now, I have five. You can request to join any that you’re interested in joining. I host the party and set up the release party in an “Event” inside the group.

Let’s Talk Fantasy/PWF (Muse books, etc)

Let’s Talk Paranormal (Nano Wolves, etc.)

Let’s Talk MMU Books (Magic and Mayhem Universe/Robyn Peterman)

Let’s Talk Science Fiction (Cyborgs, Aliens in Kilts, etc.)

Let’s Talk Contemporary/Romantic Comedy (The Perfect Date, etc.)

If you’re a fan of my work, I’d love for you to join. I’ve truly enjoyed talking to readers there.

No, I didn’t leave other social media when I did this, but I’ve been growing unhappier by the day with FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. I find it very difficult to wade through their rules and limitations. I also find it ridiculous that I have to pay for you to see my posts, which is why I pushed hard the last few years to grow my newsletter list.

Nearly all ads I use on social media have a reach of only 1-2 percent of my followers. If I don’t advertise, that reach is non-existent, especially if I’ve waited too long between posts. For example, on one of my FB pages, I have about 2600 likes. However, my boosted post for $30 only reaches about 40 of you.

At Book Talk with Donna McDonald, I have none of that stuff happening. When I send my release notice to the Fantasy/PWF group tomorrow, all members of that group will see it in their app (providing app notifications are turned on). If notifications aren’t on, they will see it the next time they open the app, but at least they will see it.

The point is my reach with this new site is 100%. My newsletter reach is about 45% because I have curated lists that correspond to my “Groups” within Book Talk. I’ve been waiting to invite more people, and I think I’m there. So think about it and click the link if you’re interested.

CLICK HERE to Request to Join.