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The final book in the Game of Crones is now available for pre-order.

It will release on June 26, along with more fun stories written for the Magic and Mayhem Universe. Don’t miss Crone Wars, the exciting conclusion in the Game of Crones series.

Book Description

Will the Power of Three soon cease to be?

In a world of witches, familiars, and dark forces, Katherine must prove her loyalty and battle against the hot mess she created by holding back the truth. Mather, a dark witch reborn through sacrifice, is also the man who fathered her and he wants her powers. She should have warned her coven, but she didn’t, and now they no longer trust her.

Her problems are out of control. Sean won’t take no for an answer. People are dropping off strange dog familiars in her shop, and the Baba Yaga is coming to lecture. Worst of all, Goddess Hecate pronounced her not powerful enough to fight her evil father and only good enough to be used as bait.

How is she ever going to prove everyone is wrong about her?


Beaten down by her regret, Katherine removed her Crone cloak and laid it on the nearby table. She stared at her hands while she folded it. Her hands looked like a normal pair of forty-year-old hands, but in the space of a single eye-blink, her hands could look like they belonged to a hundred-year-old woman.

Centuries had passed since she took the Crone oath, but the cost of gaining Crone powers still stunned her.

“Well, that could have turned out much worse,” the man-child in her life said from behind her back.

“How, Sean? Both of them hate me. Even Listeria is mad at me, and she never gets mad. Violet may never forgive me for not telling her that Mather was my biological father. The only way this could be worse is if she knew about you hanging around me all the time.”

Sean shrugged and smiled. “It’s technically not your fault that I refuse to take no for an answer. That’s all on me, and I’m happy to take the blame.”

Katherine turned to face him. “This is not a matter of taking blame. This is a matter of principle. You are Violet’s son—her only child. Her hopes and dreams live in you. That’s how motherhood works.”

“How can you be so sure? You’ve mothered no one. I’m not saying that to be cruel. I’m just pointing out that you’re awfulizing everything you think Mom might do in reaction to finding out.”

She breathed out a sigh as Sean walked closer. He pulled a vine out of a pocket in his robe before making the garment disappear. That was his level of power now. He’d grown a lot since he’d been practicing his grandmother’s craft.

Sean smiled at her, placed the green stem on her arm, and sent his magic flowing through it. The vine stretched and crawled from her wrist to her elbow, bloomed all along its length as it wrapped her arm.

He put a hand on her shoulder. “I’m not a fifteen-year-old boy with a crush anymore. I’m a man, Katherine, and have been one for a long time now.