Book 2 of Tales of Midlife Witch released today.  Here’s the description:

My bad luck with men is a joke in my family.

Can you believe my daughter at twenty thinks I’m the naive one about men? And my mother agrees with her! Conn warning me every three seconds about my stagnant libido doesn’t help either. What difference does it make to them if I’m dating or not?

Turning forty didn’t make me extra picky, but people need to stop judging me for saying no. Colonel Benson is happily married, and I turned down the sexy elf Conn dangled in front of me on principle. I don’t have time to deal with ancient winged creatures, eccentric fairy folk, or back-stabbing demons playing matchmaker.

The last thing I need is another man trying to ruin my life. Jack Derringer did a bang-up job of that already.

It is available for sale at Amazon and can be read with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.