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“Make my own female?” Jared stared, sure he’d heard wrong.

Elenora laughed at the confused look on the wolf’s face. She shouldn’t be enjoying this so much. “Assuming Moona is actually a wolf like she thinks, I may have found a way to release her inner animal.”

Jared’s arms uncrossed. Hope bloomed despite the past. “Did she send you here to get me?”

Elenora giggled. “No, of course not. She’s protecting her heart by staying away from you. Plus, Moona’s cynical about everything because she’s tried so often to fix her shifting problem and failed. And well, I can’t get her hopes up again by revealing my discovery. It needs to just happen naturally so she’ll have faith in the cure.”

“What are you suggesting?”

“That you seduce her. If I’m right, your wolf will call hers out.”

Jared closed his eyes at the thought of seducing Moona, of making her his at last. It was his most treasured wish to be with her. “What about the pack challenge?” he asked, his voice hoarse with desire for a stubborn, resistant female who wasn’t even there.

“Which challenge matters most to you, Jared? Solving Moona’s shifting problem or thwarting those plotting to take over a pack you’re only leading because of her?”

“Helping Moona is my first priority either way,” Jared answered. He dropped his gaze. “She is my mate. There is no other for me. Human, wolf, or whatever the Great Mother chooses to make her. I want her, just her, and I will have her one day.”

“As long you both have waited for each other, that’s what I thought was the case. Now we just need a legitimate reason for you to leave the pack for a few days, but one the bad guys can’t use against you. I can’t solve your pack challenge problem completely, but perhaps I can buy you some time to work on your strategy.”

Jared glared at the red-haired female for raising his hopes. What did she know of such things? The Jezibaba had never been a wolf. “How exactly will you do that, Dragon-Witch?”

Elenora grinned. “Oh, that’s the fun part. Leave it all to me.”