Is there such a thing as being too perfect for each other?

Never Give Up is Book 11 of The Perfect Date series. It has a light holiday theme that straddles Christmas and New Year’s.

Is there such a thing as being too perfect?

Dylan’s a genius when it comes to engineering and his bank account proves it. But he’s failing in the one area of his life that matters the most. He wants to remarry and has already waited twenty years to do it. Now he’s finally found the perfect woman, but marrying again is the last thing Dr. Sydney Hawking wants to do.  

Sydney can’t believe that her dating membership—aka her divorce gift from her friends—has brought such crazy chaos into her already chaotic life. And it only took one date with Dr. Dylan Maxwell to know she was jumping back in too soon. Yes, her divorce is now final. Yes, her ex-husband remarried the day after. The intelligent thing would be to quit the agency before Dylan gets any more ideas about her being his perfect match.

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