New release in the Magic and Mayhem Universe

Second Chance Witch is a one hundred percent brand new title written for the Magic and Mayhem Universe.

She’s been given a second chance to be a better witch.

Willa’s grateful for her second chance. She really is. It’s nice to be young again—to feel invincible—especially when you’re actually over a hundred years old. 

When the Baba Yaga, who wants Willa to call her Carol, asks for her Witchy help, and of course, the answer has to be yes. She’s the freaking Baba Yaga. Who would tell her no? But spying on the council members? That’s not going to be easy or fun.

Her fake petition to join the Council of Witches is half-myth but also half-a-wish that never died. The council rejected her petition sixty years ago. Would they do it again?

These are the things keeping Willa up at night.  Honestly, being blackmailed never crossed her mind. Until it happened. Now she has to find a way to save the people she loves and take down the bad guys.

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