Genre: Romantic Comedy, Contemporary Romance, Women’s Fiction, Humor

Several years ago, readers wrote and asked me to write a series with 40-year-old heroines who were starting over. Since I got divorced at 41, it was fairly simply for me to draw on personal experience to write this series. Next Time Around is about a set of three college friends who are all divorced and starting over. They decide to jumpstart helping each other with a long spa weekend at a swanky California hotel. I visited Laguna Beach and had a lot of fun researching the area, though I did not stay at the swanky hotel. I’d love to go back one day because it was very relaxing there.

One more note…¬† The base inspiration for these stories came from a single-title (non-series) book I wrote called Morgan’s Mistake. There was a guy in that book who did not get the girl who was much older than him. Something about Ryan stuck in my head after he told some of the characters his backstory about having bad luck because he’d already lost a woman he loved because she’d been married when he met her. Ryan did the honorable thing and stayed away, as every good hero should, but he’d heard she was divorced now. The third of my three 40-year-old heroines popped into my head when I was writing that story. So I’m including that book here if you want to read it too. Ryan appears early but will be the lead in Book 3.