Next Time Around

 Status Of The NEXT TIME AROUND Series

My writing schedule this year is not going to allow me to finish Books 2 and 3 like I hoped.  After some creative soul searching, I have decided to take down Book 1, Next Song I Sing, until I get time to work on the entire series. 

The ebook will be taken down. The print book and audiobook will remain up for sale.

I’m sorry to disappoint you. I’ve been trying to get to these contemporary books for a couple of years. However, I can’t force myself to write a book that is just not ready to be written. My goal is to write both books and put all three back up together. 


Next Song I Sing

Book 1

Not Available

Next Game I Play

Book 2

Not Available

Next Move I Make

Book 3

Not Available

Morgan’s Mistake

Based on NTA Series