Genre = Paranormal Women's Fiction, Fantasy, Romance

About The Nine Heirs and a Spare Series (Paranormal Women’s Fiction)

This new series is both paranormal (think Trolls, Pegasi, and Dragons) and women’s fiction (think issues of aging). Some fantasy and romantic elements are also included.

Sure, I may have set the downward spiraling prophecy in motion while I was going through my revenge phase. But hey—newsflash for all realms—I hadn’t been the one who brought the prophecy into being in the first place.

Shortly after my father got the job of being Numero Uno, he screwed up with the Fates and their mother. Or maybe he refused to screw any of them. I never got the full story. If Zeus had refused to bed any female—goddess or mortal—that would have been a unique first for my father because restraining his libido didn’t seem possible for him.

Despite my determination to ignore the caller, my cell continued to ring and ring. Only the adopted mother I loved or the loathsome father I detested dared to torture me with that kind of persistence during business hours.

I finally snatched the phone up to see which annoying parent it was. “This better be important, or you’re dead.”

“Why aren’t you answering your father’s calls, Atlanta? Zeus has been trying to reach you for three days. You asked him to call before he stopped by. What good is setting that parameter if you don’t answer your phone so he can tell you he’s coming?”

Muse It or Lose It Cover, Donna McDonald
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ExMuse Me Cover by Donna McDonald
ExMuse Me Cover by Donna McDonald