No-ELFing-Way-1900x2850No ELFing Way

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FORMAT: eBook only

WORDS:  32,570


RELEASE: December 15, 2015

eISBN: 978-1-939988-43-0

What’s on Dasher Sleigh’s list for the holidays? Fixing his blunder with Vixen Dunder.

His son isn’t the only one who should be writing a heartfelt letter to Santa. Single dad and widower, Dasher Sleigh, is hoping for a much better Christmas this year. He’d have one too, if he could just talk Vixen and her daughter into spending it with him and Nicky.

Playing Bad Santa to Vixen’s Sexy Elf is a lot of fun. Next he’d like to see Vixen in his lap and both their children playing under his tree.

Vixen says there’s no elfing way she’s going to let a Bad Santa like him break her heart a second time. Dash is scrambling for way to convince her that he’s no longer the shallow boy she knew in college.

Having learned the hard way how short and precious life is, Dash can’t handle the thought of missing his second chance with a woman whose kiss he never forgot. 

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