Quick Reads Volume 2

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Quick Reads Volume 2 is a collection of three short steamy romances, perfect for those times you want a shorter romance to read.

Saving Santa

Her Marine training hadn’t quite prepared her for saving St. Nick.

Megan Lynx had promised her brother to guard his best friend, but who was going to guard her from a childhood crush that had obviously not gone away? For a geek, the man could nearly kiss the hard-ass Marine right out of her. Only she couldn’t let him. At least not until she’d managed to save Santa.

Kissing Kendra

Wedding Blues. Satin Shoes. What’s A Stressed Out Maid Of Honor To Do?

Kendra McLaren never got over him and never fell out of love, but she’s also never gotten what she wants from David Lynx. After eight years without David popping the big question, it’s time to climb out of his bed, straighten her bra and panties, and get on with her life. She needs to count her blessings instead bemoaning fate. When the wedding is over, she’s never going to have to see her best friend’s commitment-phobe of a brother ever again.

Never Say Never (Book 2 of The Perfect Date Series)

Dating’s one thing, but what’s love got to do with it?

Nothing. At least not for Ann Lynx. She’s fifty-three for goodness sake. She’s had love. All she’s in the market for these days is some fun companionship—no strings attached. Right? Wrong. Thanks to her pain-in-the-rear-end best friend, Georgia, she’s now back on the dating scene. Add Georgia’s matchmaking daughter Mariah to the mix and Ann is officially in a world of trouble—or dates—to be more accurate.

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