You Can Find Donna McDonald’s Books On Radish Fiction

What is Radish? Radish is a new way you can find and read fun stories on your mobile phone. Want to try it? You can download the app for free from Apple (iPhone) and Google (Android phone). Click the links below to get the app.


Stories in Radish are serialized and given to the reader in episodes. All of the episodes of some stories are completely free to read like Peyton 313. In all stories, the first 3 episodes are always free so you can try them. To read ongoing episodes that are not free, you buy “coins” and use them to unlock the content. Each coin is worth approximately 4 cents and most episodes take 3 coins. It works out to be about 12.5 cents an episode/chapter. I noticed Radish runs contests occasionally and gives away coins to winners. Sounds fun, eh?

Radish appeals to readers who like to read on their commutes, their breaks at work, or in other small increments of time. It also appeals to those who only want to pay for what they actually read, not a whole book they aren’t enjoying. Radish also appeals to readers wanting early access to partially written stories because some authors upload episodes as they write them. (Never me! I like to upload a finished story.) 

Why did I put some of my books on Radish? Because readers are the reason I write. I want to reach all the readers I can. The idea of readers only paying for what they actually read appeals to me. Radish and I seem like a good fit.

Happy reading!  ~ Donna

Download The App To See These Titles At Radish!


 Cyborgs: Mankind Redefined

 Nano Wolves

 The Perfect Date Series


 Sexy Romantic Short Reads