5 Things Authors Want Readers To Know

I normally roll my eyes at titles like this one, but they do tend to get a lot of attention, so please excuse the cheesiness. It took me a week to decide to write this article. I was just going to write about one topic, but my pragmatic nature kicked in. Here’s some info that most authors want readers to know and that I hope my readers already know about me.


Author Confessions – I Don’t Own A Dog

Group of twelve dogs sitting in front of a white background

That’s right. I don’t own a dog.

Yes, you read that statement correctly, but don’t look at me like I kicked your puppy. I have owned and cared for several dogs in my lifetime. I just don’t have one right now.

Dogs are great and I am definitely a dog person. However, there are many good reasons… okay maybe good is a stretch… but there are many reasons I don’t have a dog.


Author Confessions – Return Of The Invisible Woman

I’ve been invisible a lot this year. I just wish it was because I had developed a superpower. Unfortunately, I’ve just been completely taken under by personal life events.

I moved an entire household twice in July. Once was to vacate my apartment. The other was because my house sold six days after I spoke to the most amazing realtor I’ve ever met–lol. We didn’t even get the house officially listed in the normal sense. Do you know how hard it is to schedule an army of contractors in only three weeks?

IMG_0892Anyway… as if that wasn’t enough to keep me hopping daily, my fifth grandchild decided to make his entrance into the world earlier than expected. Luckily, he at least waited until I was between moves. His earlier than scheduled entrance led to Bruce and I sleeping in my car in the hospital parking garage all night while waiting for him. I didn’t want to miss his arrival. So far, I’ve managed to be present for the births of all of my grandchildren.

My invisibility on all social media and my blog are because I’ve been putting in long days and falling asleep exhausted at the end of them. Yes, I’ve been wishing over and over that I was thirty again but that’s obviously not going to come true. Thankfully my house closing is now behind me and my new grandson is home with his parents. Did I mention I found out my daughter will be having grandchild number six next Spring? Yes, she’s not been feeling all that well lately.