Releasing March 10 – Loved In Space Anthology

I’ve written a novella based on Cyborgs: Mankind Redefined. You can get the early version of it in the Loved In Space Anthology. This is a little different than the standard Cyborg story. I’m not currently planning a spin-off series, but I’m playing with the idea. You’ll have to tell me what you think.




Read Prologue and First 2 Chapters of Ashland 297


Guest Post – Regine Abel (PISA 4)

This week I’m featuring another talented author from the USA Today Bestselling Pets In Space 4 Anthology. Welcome, Regine Abel!

It’s such an honor to have been invited to participate in the Pets in Space Anthology this year alongside such a fabulous line up of sci-fi romance authors. Coming up with which story to write has been instantly clear to me.

I had always wished to write my own spin on the transfer of consciousness theme found in The Matrix, but I wanted the whole thing happening in the real world. This led to the creation of the Xian Warriors and their Soulcatchers: the psychic women of the Vanguard capable of holding the souls of fallen warriors until their rebirth. Ever since I published Legion, the first book in my Xian Warriors series, I knew that I needed to write the origin story of the human Soulcatchers. It only made sense to seize this opportunity to introduce Doom and his woman, Victoria, the very first alien and human female couple in Earth’s history. Seeing how most of my sci-fi romance novels have epic battles, and how Doom is a badass, genetically engineered super warrior, my pet in space was bound to be some kind of war creature.

Stran is a Creckel, a warrior beast that resembles a pangolin with a dragon head. Bigger than a Tibetan mastiff, he’s covered with thick, dark scales that protect him from almost any form of damage when he rolls up into a ball. As Doom’s lifelong friend and war companion, he has come to Earth to help free humanity from the Kryptid invaders who had also previously attacked his homeworld. Though he cannot speak, Stran is extremely smart and can communicate through telepathic imagery. The minute he sees Victoria, he recognizes her as his best friend’s soulmate and becomes extremely protective of her.

Here’s a little snippet from Doom featuring Victoria and Stran, shortly after they first meet amidst a massive Kryptid invasion:

Although his companions fought as savagely as he, I couldn’t take my eyes off Doom. I couldn’t say if it was because he’d been the one to talk to me, or the gentle, respectful tone of his voice when he’d addressed me. All I knew was that for the first time in two weeks, since the beginning of the dreadful invasion, I felt a sliver of hope.

A cold wetness on my hand startled me. I looked down to see Stran rubbing his dragon snout on my palm then lowering his head so that my hand would rest atop it. While I’d been busy gaping at his friend, the Creckel had closed the distance between us.

“Thank you for saving me, Stran,” I said in a gentle voice while caressing the top of his head, careful not to cut myself on the sharp horns fanning across his forehead.

He emitted a deep sound, halfway between a growl and a purr, then lifted his chin, exposing the leathery underside of his neck. I grinned and scratched his neck. The Creckel rewarded me with an even louder purr. Although he clearly enjoyed getting petted, he pulled away from my touch, licked my hand with his forked, lizard tongue, then looked around us, keeping watch for possible aggressors.

At last, a sense of safety washed over me. Humans weren’t alone. And maybe, just maybe, we had a chance after all.

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Bad Panther – 99 cents sale

If you haven’t tried the Alien Guardians of Earth series, this is the purr-fect time! Bad Panther, Book 1, is on sale until July 31 for just $0.99.

Archaeologist, Dr. Sugar Jennings, has merged with a powerful, ancient artifact. Now people are trying to kill her to get it. Will Bad Panther, alien panther shifter, become her purr-fect guardian? Don’t miss the action, adventure, and fun in the Alien Guardians of Earth series.


Interview with Debra Dunbar

I recently had the opportunity to interview some fellow paranormal authors. Today’s interview is with the awesome Debra Dunbar. Enjoy!

Hi Debra. Thanks for letting me interview you!

What’s the inside scoop on the book you’re promoting in the sale? Tell us what’s special about it and if it’s part of a series.

Demons of Desire is book 1 of the Half-breed series, a sexy Urban Fantasy set in a different cool destination for each novel: New Orleans, Maui, Hel (hell), Napa Valley, and Northern Italy. Although Hel is more hot than cool!

What’s your favorite writing ritual?

Writecations. When I know I need to get some serious word-count in, I try to schedule time away from home. Sometimes it’s a local B&B, sometimes it’s a cabin up in the mountains or the lake. Getting away from the daily distractions really fires up the muse. And when I can’t manage even a local writecation, I head to a little pub in town with a dozen microbrews on tap and some amazing Old Bay dry-rub wings and sit up at the bar with my laptop. The bartenders all know me and joke that I should have a little brass name tag on the back of my bar stool.

If you could have dinner with someone (dead, alive, fictional or real) who would it be and why?

Julia Child. The food would be amazing and she always struck me as a fun, interesting person to hang out with. We’d drink a lot of wine, eat rich food loaded with butter, and end up besties, I know!

Anything you want to tell the readers?

If what you’re reading doesn’t make you laugh out loud at least once, find another book! Unless you’re one of those serious literary fiction types. In that case, read on.


Some fun fast facts about Debra . . . 

What’s your favorite color?   Red. Hides the bloodstains almost as well as black and doesn’t make me look like a middle-aged goth.

What show did you last binge-watch? Alone. I’m not a huge fan of reality shows, but the whole survival thing was intriguing.

Are you a beer or wine person? Both? I like beer in the summer and wine in the winter.

What food helps your writing mojo? Grandma Utz potato chips

What paranormal species is your fav to write? I love to write about Demons. They’re naughty and sexy and complex. Ever since I read Paradise Lost, I’ve had a thing for the Fallen.

Are your a book plotter or a pantser? I’m a pantser until 2/3 of the way through my first draft, then I become a plotter.

Are you a fan of boxers or briefs? Boxers. Gotta let that stuff breathe, my man.

Who’s your favorite band or singer? Rob Zombie


Meet the Author

Debra lives in a little house in the woods with her three sons, and a Noah’s ark of four-legged family members.

She drives a gigantic diesel SUV, couldn’t carry a tune if you duct taped it to her back, and enjoys an occasional cosmopolitan (heavy on the vodka).

On a good day, she jogs and horseback rides, hopefully managing to keep the horse between herself and the ground.

Her only known superpower is ‘Identify Roadkill’.

You can find Debra at