New Release – SEALed for Life

Military romance is loaded with sexy heroes in uniforms, but few sexy heroines. I wrote one in Saving Santa but here’s another. Many, many, many thanks to the awesome Cat Johnson and her Hot SEALs series Kindle World for giving me a reason to write it. And I thank Cat again for letting me republish the book after the program closed. I am very happy to get this joyful love story out to a wider audience.

This story is special to me because I’ve married two military men in my life. I’ve often been the person left behind when a soldier ships out for active duty. It’s hard on both the leaver and the one being left behind.

But oh the homecoming is very, very sweet…

Hope you enjoy this second chances love story with a military twist…


New Release – A Secret Dare

Once there was a very sexy little book written for a Kindle World. When the Kindle World program disappeared, the book could have as well, but it did not. Instead, the very awesome Carly Phillips waved her Kindle World Owner wand over it and gave me permission to republish it. This delights me because now I’m able to make this awesome little book available worldwide.