Releasing March 10 – Loved In Space Anthology

I’ve written a novella based on Cyborgs: Mankind Redefined. You can get the early version of it in the Loved In Space Anthology. This is a little different than the standard Cyborg story. I’m not currently planning a spin-off series, but I’m playing with the idea. You’ll have to tell me what you think.




Read Prologue and First 2 Chapters of Ashland 297


Release Day – Eric 754



He often forgets he’s a cyborg. All she sees in the mirror is a killing machine.

Marine Lance Corporal Eric Anderson tended to forget he was cyborg. Hell–most of the time he didn’t give being mostly a military machine any thought. He’d always lived by his human gut, not his logic chip, so thinking out of the cybernetic box was just how he worked.

Then he met her–Evelyn 489–a female cyborg so erratically dangerous she has to be kept locked away. Angry, violent, and full of deadly intentions, she epitomizes every fear about cyber scientists that ever kept him awake at night. Some warped cyber scientist stripped away her real identity to create the perfect companion. Until he gave into his urge to be her hero, the woman didn’t know she used to be Army Captain Lucille Evelyn Pennington.

Though Peyton is full of doubts, Eric is compelled to help Kyra and Nero restore the woman who once liked to be called Lucy. It doesn’t help his cause that several people seem determined to kill her.

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Cover Reveal – Next 2 Books in Cyborgs: Mankind Redefined


Here are the next two books in the Cyborgs: Mankind Redefined series, including their release dates. You can pre-order both today from iBooks. KINGSTON 691 will be available for pre-order at the other channels sometime after Christmas. MARCUS 582 will be iBooks only until sometime in March.

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Book 1, PEYTON 313, is available right now at all your favorite ebook retailers.