Hot, Sexy, and More Than Human

donna mcdonald, science fiction romance, cyborgs, genetic engineering
Tomorrow I am releasing Book 3 in my latest Science Fiction Romance series. Who knew I would have such a great time writing about cyborgs? They are a little scary, a little geeky, and whole lot sexy to balance it out. Peyton, King, and Marcus have made scientific research very interesting for me.

If you haven’t read these yet, I highly suggest starting with Peyton 313 because it is one with the background story that sets the tone for the rest.

Marcus is available for pre-order. Clicking on the photo will take you to the series page. You’ll see Book 4 listed there because I am already planning to write Eric’s story in a couple of months.

New Shifter Series – NANO WOLVES



This is a new shifter series. Book 1 will be releasing on February 16. Many thanks to mega talented authors, Eve Langlais and S.E. Smith, for encouraging me to try writing shifters. Let me just go on record now. “You were both right. I love these stories. You may commence pointing your fingers and laughing at my paranormal naiveté. And I love you both for liking me enough to favor me with your great authoring wisdom–lol.”

Now that I have my confession to my author friends over with, would you like to read about Ariel’s story? It is available now for Pre-Order. Click here for links.


Dating A Cougar In A Meme

Not only do I have a great new website, I also have found a very talented artist who is making some book related memes for me. She’s a DAC fan and it shows. I’m posting these amazing quotes and pics everywhere.

Aren’t memes fun? Feel free to share

I’m doing a happy dance. LOVE THIS!!!!