Blending Sex and Science Fiction in Romance














Sometimes I get looked at strangely when I announce I write romance novels for a living, but that’s nothing compared to the blinking silence that follows admitting I write science fiction romances. These two genres merge well for me, just as they did for male Sci-Fi creatives like George Lucas, Gene Roddenberry, J. J. Abrams, Josh Wheddon, and many others (the list is long). I can’t claim to have Vulcan logic as a gift, but blending the two genres seems quite logical.

As an author, I get wildly happy when it’s time to write another book in my SFR (Science Fiction Romance) series. The Forced To Serve books are plot heavy with missions, alien planets, and bad guys. Sure, I write in multiple genres, and yes–I do like them all. But the truth is that I enjoy writing Sci-Fi the way some authors enjoy writing scintillating erotic fantasies. In SFR, I get the double rush of writing both fight scenes and sex scenes within the same set of pages. What could be better? Nothing much I suspect.

I would insert my evil villainess laugh here if I had one. Since I don’t, I’ll just repost an interview I did for The Happy Nerd blog–brainchild of fantasy author (and happy nerd), John Marco–about blending sex and science fiction. We met because John’s wife was reading my contemporary work at the time and suggested John contact me about doing an Indie Spotlight feature. John and I instantly connected over our dual love of fantasy and science fiction. We’ve been author friends since.

(HOT Tip — John has a new fantasy book coming out in November 2015. Here’s a link to an excerpt if you want to check it out. I’m hooked.)