First Time in Kindle Unlimited –  Cyborgs: Mankind Redefined

I’m really excited to get this action-packed adventure series into the hands of the thousands of readers who subscribe to KU. This is a perfect binge series for KU readers. Each romance is unique. Each cyborg’s struggle to find his or her humanity is full of both torment and triumph. There’s lots of humor. And there’s a new release on the way.

Yes. Book 6 is absolutely going to finish up the running “big bad guy” storyline (kudos to Josh Whedon for that). Believe me, you’re going to need closure when you read this one. However, Nero 1000 is not going to be the last cyborg book for me. I don’t know if I’m going to write more of this series or start a new one, but I’ll be writing more cyborgs one way or another. Stay tuned…

Nero – Release Info

It’s Time For The Madness To End 

Limited Pre-Order Available – Releases Dec 17, 2019

Locked in the cage of an insane cyber scientist who calls himself Creator Omega, Nero waits for his captor to decide his fate. Having seen the horror of Creator Omega’s failed experiments, Nero know his body is about to be cybernetically changed. Even so, he’s not sorry he traded himself to free Aja Kapur. He would do it all over again to save the woman he loves, even if Aja might have to one day kill the cyborg he becomes.

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Eric 754 Interview at The Book Geek Unchained

Many thanks to Frederic Bye for having me on his podcast to talk about Eric 754. He definitely is The Book Geek Unchained. It was so much fun talking with him about my cyborgs. My inner geek was happy to find a such like-minded soul.

Click here to visit my post on Frederic’s website. I’ve included the actual interview into this post. I hope you can see it.


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Click here to download a multi-chapter sneak peek of Eric 754, Book 4 of Cyborgs: Mankind Redefined.

Sneak Peeks are also available for Book 2 (Kingston 691) and Book 3 (Marcus 582). Just visit the pages for them and follow the links.