New Release – Never Too Old To Date

Book 9 in The Perfect Date series is now available! Check it out.


Her business is wildly successful, but the rest of her life is just wild. Sixty may be the new forty, but not for the Honorable Eleanor J. Skyler. She’s retiring from the law firm she spent her entire career building. What’s wrong with wanting to wear yoga clothes every day and go zip-lining whenever the adventurous mood strikes? Nothing, that’s what.


Dating A Pro – Surprise Book in NTL Series!

I can make all kinds of plans about what books I intend to write, but in the end, books come to me when they want, not necessarily when I want. In the middle of a conversation with a friend about my short stint playing golf in college, Harrison’s book hit me. There was no choice but to write it. The book is set in 1965 which for a contemporary author is practically like writing a historical.

I hope you enjoy my little blast from the past. Happy reading!


Dating A Pro




Sex After 50 – Our Better Half Podcast

Most of inspiration for the romantic lives of older characters I write was inspired by personal experiences, friend’s experiences, and talking to older people I have met. But just like I don’t divulge my personal truths in their nitty-gritty form, neither do friends and acquaintances–not even in interviews that I swear to never share.

In the search for braver souls who are more honest than I have managed to be up to now, I read a lot of articles about sex. Some are yawn worry. Some are more prudish than their titles indicate. Huffpost50 gives me good leads several times a week, but sometimes their articles have me rolling my eyes. Medical sites make sex over 35 or 40 sound like you’re forcing something broken to work again.

Recently I found an Huffpo article called “Middle-aged Prude Asks An Important Sex Question“. The woman mentioned in the article was 60 and definitely not a prude, but by the end of the article I believed the article author was actually talking about herself. Commenters to the article chastised nearly everything in it, including many who debated whether or not 60 was middle-aged. This is how my research goes. I read. I roll my eyes. I laugh and look for something else. This time though, I clicked one of those sneaky secondary links in the article, where I found a unique podcast called “Our Better Half” which was focused on our sex lives after 50. 

This podcast is a refreshing approach to honest communication. I will admit it made me both blush and laugh. And I learned I was more of a prude than I realized, despite what I write for living. It is put together in short segments, including one called “Explain THAT to Grandma” which was vastly entertaining. But the reason I am sharing this with you is I find there is such a shortage of this type of real person-to-person dialogue. While some of the content might make you wince more than I did, I guarantee other parts will delight you regardless of your sensibilites. The podcaster is wonderful, over 50, and I’m glad she is doing this.

For those of you who have read my Never Too Late series, Dr. Regina Logan would adore this woman’s chutzpah just as much as I do.

I have included Episode 1 in this post. I’m working my way through them. They seem to get better and better.

Have a listen… if you dare to be illuminated. LOL


Will there be a book 7 in the Never Too Late series?

Now and again, I’m going to blogging about the most frequent questions I receive. The short answer to this one is yes, because I do want to write Elijah Fox’s story in the Never Too Late Series, but I have not planned it for 2015…at least not yet. Can I just answer that we’ll see how it goes after I get the scheduled ones done for this year? When I decide this book is possible, I promise I will add it to the Coming Soon page and give a shout out everywhere.

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