Guest Post – S. E. Smith (New Release)

RUE-2-2-NYT-200x300Aliens. Space Travel. Adventure.
Exotic foreign planets….and sexy men.

Ristéard’s Unwilling Empress is Book 4 of the Lords of Kassis series by S.E Smith.

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Ristéard is stunned when a strange, alien female, foretold in the ancient tablets as being the great Empress who will save his world, appears. He is even more astonished when she refuses his attentions!

With the life of his planet at stake, not to mention his own peace of mind and body, he will do whatever is necessary to ensure the female stays by his side.

Yet, there are forces working against him and Ricki, powerful forces that do not want him to be successful. Dangers and traitors among his own council threaten not only him, but her. It will take all of Ristéard’s resources, and a few unexpected allies, to complete the dangerous journey ahead of them.