Muse No More Releases Tuesday, July 27

There’s still time to pre-order and get it automatically delivered!

The Titanosaurus Book 3 of Nine Heirs and a Spare is now ready for delivery. It releases on Tuesday and will be available in Kindle Unlimited, but only for the next 90 days. If you plan to read it with your Kindle Unlimited subscription, add it to your KU reading library as soon as you can.

Book 2 is no longer available in KU. Book 1, Midlife Muse, will be quietly free one last time from July 27-31, but it will be coming out of KU in mid-August.


Blood Witch: Replicated Now Available in Kindle Vella

Kindle Vella was released today. Now you have a new way of reading books. You pay-as-you-read. To get Kindle Vella, you will need to update your Kindle app on your phone, tablet, etc. Your Kindle ereader will get the app in its next update.

Blood Witch: Replicated is an Urban Fantasy with lots of action and adventure. I’ve released 7 episodes of the book so far and scheduled five more to release this month. The first 3 episodes of any story are free to read.

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