Genre = Paranormal Women's Fiction, Fantasy, Romance

About the Tales of a Midlife Witch series (Paranormal Women’s Fiction)

This new series is both paranormal (witches, demons as good guys, and many more) and women’s fiction (think issues of aging, starting over, etc). Some fantasy and romantic elements are also included.

Seven years ago…

My mother always told me that most of life’s problems weren’t hard on a woman, but that loving a man took everything. The last time I heard her issue that warning to me was the day Jack and I married. After that, Ma focused on the granddaughter I happily gave birth to at the end of my first wedded year.

Maybe Ma stopped hinting at the potential trouble I was in because she honored my marital commitment. Or maybe she simply wiped her hands of trying to get me to see the truth. Or perhaps moving from Galway, Ireland to Salem, Massachusetts changed Jack in ways I hadn’t seen, even if the move had been at his insistence.

Today, though, I remembered Ma’s warning and wished with my whole heart that I’d paid more attention to her then. Maybe if I’d thought about why she’d said those things about the man I’d chosen to tie myself to, I wouldn’t be in my current situation.

What situation is that? Well, that would be the situation where a nice Irish witch married a selfish idiot. Most people were grateful when someone saved their life. My husband seemed determined to be an exception of the worst kind.

“Why are ya betraying me, Jack? We made a daughter together. I’m yer wife in word and deed. I don’t understand why ya’re doing this to me.”