This architect in this TED talk, and the others who helped him with this project, gave years of their lives to create something that thousands of people will enjoy. Why did the architect do this? He one time saw a regular man doing a regular job touch a building with reverent appreciation. Creatives have their hearts open to the mundane, the average, the regular stuff. We just see it in a different way. However, I think any human can choose to see it, but it requires walking around with hearts wide open.

I remember once being out to lunch with the people I used to work with at my technology job. We were in a Chinese food restaurant. Across the room, I saw a small child–a girl about three or four–dressed in a bright red coat. She was standing close to her parents’ table, but extending her reach from them as much as they would let her. She danced, sang, spoke. She asked them questions. Got answers and resisted. She was not impolite, but rather just being completely and utterly what she was meant to be.

My lunch companions caught my distraction and asked what I was doing. I told them I was “making up a story in my head” about the little girl, her parents, what she would grow up to be. They went dead silent on me, no one quite knowing what to say in reply. That was over twenty years ago. Now I make up stories and I write them down. I put them out into the world. That place in my head and heart where stories are born is my sacred space.

Hope you enjoy this.