Genre = Space Opera, Science Fiction, Humorous Fantasy, Romance

The Daemon Master’s Wife

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LENGTH:110,000 words, 324 pages

Book 2 continues the story of alien mates, Liam and Ania, trying to make peace with their past.

Ambassador Ania Looren was content with how she had lived her very long life. If given the choice, she would have chosen death over becoming the Daemon of Synar’s physical host.

But compelled to save her life, her questionable mate, Captain Liam Synar, made the decision for her. Now she’s fighting her own inner darkness as well the dark alien spirit she carries inside her.

Liam wants her to love him again, but how can she? She’s still struggling to forgive what he’s done.


The Daemon Master’s Wife is dark but brilliant. Set in the future, the plot is riveting. It’s the same exquisite agony I have when I’m reading a Stephen King or Diana Gabaldon book – I can’t read fast enough to find out what is going to happen next but I can’t slow down enough to savor it as I want to. ~ Jesse Coffey, National Indie

The Daemon Master’s Wife has well rounded, multi-faceted characters, a complex, yet engaging futuristic world, and a cliffhanger that I literally groaned at when I read it but excited me for the next installment. The author did a phenomenal job of making me feel like I was part of the Liberator’s crew. Ms. McDonald is definitely a double threat author with her multi-genre offerings and is one to watch. ~ Leanna, Two Lips Reviews

About the Series and a Note About BOOKS 1 & 2

Not everyone is familiar with the sub-genre of “space opera”. But if you love watching Science Fiction TV shows such as Firefly and Star Trek, then you are already a fan of this sort of story. Space Operas usually contain a wide range of adventure story elements, but also tend to include ongoing romances between characters. Just like in space opera TV shows, the characters in my Forced To Serve series reappear from book to book because they are crew members of the same spaceship. 

This series is best read in order, but most books are standalone. The one exception to this is that Book 1 (64,000 words) and Book 2 (110,000 words) together are the full story of Liam and Ania’s struggle. Reading both books is recommended to get a full feel for this series.

If you like the alien-human interactions in Star Trek, Firefly, and Guardians of the Galaxy, you’ll enjoy the humor in the Forced To Serve series. 

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