Genre = Science Fiction, Space Opera, Fantasy, Romance

TDC_300x450_UpdateThe Daemon’s Change

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LENGTH: 116,650 words/354 pages

In 2000 years, she’s the only female who ever mattered to him. But is he too evil for her?

Book 5 continues this epic space opera with Malachi, the Demon of Synar, still searching for the only being he’s ever encountered that is more powerful than him.

Despite being energetically compelled to do so, Malachi is tired of chasing after a physical body with the wrong female spirit dwelling inside it. What was the point? The real Rena Trax was back in her form while the feisty Emissary of the Creators he longs to encounter again is still nowhere to be found on the ship.

The elusive female left him with a million unanswered questions about her purpose in his life. Without her presence, there no worthy being to debate the answers. His host Ania has too many problems of her own to worry about his.

But why does he even care about the missing female? He is an alien spirit and inherently evil. He is the Demon of Synar. No female, regardless of how powerful or alluring, can change his destiny.

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