Genre = Science Fiction, Space Opera, Fantasy, Romance

The Healer’s Kiss

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LENGTH: 103,130 words/322 pages

Mate or not—love will not keep her from following her warrior heart.

Book 4 continues the epic space adventures of the spaceship Liberator with a new crew member joining the crew. Throw in a disgruntled healer and a warrior in training and once more they’re off on a mission that will test their rescuing skills.

Reluctant healer turned Lieutenant, Boca Ador, well remembers being tortured, mutilated, and made a sexual slave on the planet of Lotharius. Her escape was how she ended up on the Liberator. Former Alliance Warrior turned Healer, Chiang of Greggor, doesn’t want Boca to go back there, but returning to help rescue the High Ambassador’s daughter is her choice to make—not his.

Boca missed her initial calling to be a warrior. She doesn’t intend to miss it again. Neither her healing service on the Liberator nor her growing attraction to the Greggor doctor is going to keep her from walking the warrior’s path.

Boca doesn’t care if the insistent male is her mate and her destiny. Love of any kind will just have to wait until she has her revenge on those who once held her life in their evil hands.

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