Genre = Contemporary Romance, Sweet Romance, Romantic Comedy

The Perfect Date Series

How much would you pay someone to find you The Perfect Date?  How much would you pay to make them stop?

The Perfect Date is a new contemporary romantic comedy series with the heat level cranked down a couple notches for those who want a sensual, but slightly less carnal read. There is still a little language because I needed to reflect reality in these funny romances, but you won’t have to skip anything that might transcend your romantic comfort zone.

It is my gift and my thank you for all the fans who’ve read me and “skipped” over my tendency to make them blush. I love you and don’t want you to change. This series was created with you in mind.

Her business is wildly successful, but the rest of her life is just wild.

Sixty may be the new forty, but not for the Honorable Eleanor J. Skyler. She’s retiring from the law firm she spent her entire career building. What’s wrong with wanting to wear yoga clothes every day and go zip-lining whenever the adventurous mood strikes? Nothing, that’s what.

She’s got no time for dating and drama. She certainly has no time to deal with her senior law partner, Andrew Carson, who has for reasons she can’t fathom, decided she’s his perfect woman. To say she’s confused in an understatement. They’ve known each other for over twenty years. They knew each other’s spouses before they died. Why is Andrew suddenly looking at her legs and telling her she’s beautiful? He’s barely over fifty. He has the tiny sports car. Why can’t Andrew chase a twenty-year-old like every other man having a mid-life crisis?