The Topper Collection


WRITTEN FOR: The Worlds of Magic, New Mexico

SERIES: Book 3 of My Crazy Alien Romance

LENGTH: 102,272 words

RELEASE DATE: July 2018</p

Welcome to Magic, New Mexico! It’s aliens versus witches in this Sci-Fi/Paranormal collection.

Quiet life for head witch Topper becomes a thing of the past when a naked alien steps out of the portal connecting the desert town of Magic, New Mexico on Earth with the ice planet of Glacier.

The Topper Collection contains My Crazy Alien Romance, Books 1-3.

The Worlds Of Magic, New Mexico?

Imagine The Worlds of Magic, New Mexico… A series that brings together outstanding paranormal and science fiction authors to expand a town where witches, aliens, vampires, werewolves, goblins, sorceresses, pirates, time travelers, and paranormal live in harmony – when they aren’t joining forces to defeat the bad guys. A magical town where being abnormal is the norm!

S.E. Smith, the creator of Magic, New Mexico invites you to curl up with each book and discover all the action, the magic, and the love that makes Magic, New Mexico the ultimate go-to series for Paranormal/Science Fiction Romance readers.

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Who is SE Smith? So glad you want to know!

I met SE Smith through a mutual paranormal author friend. We’ve been fellow geek friends ever since.  I’m a fan of her aliens, her shifters, and pretty much all the characters SE creates. Her premise for the Magic, NM series is very funny–alien cop chases an alien bad guy to Earth where both end up in a town full paranormals. Alien cop + powerful witch = a lot of fun and laughs.

I was excited when SE suggested I write a story about her head witch in Magic, who’s nearly 60. SE asked me for an HEA for Topper….. Wish granted… in MY CRAZY ALIEN ROMANCE series.