Genre = Science Fiction, Space Opera, Fantasy, Romance

The Tracker’s Quest

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LENGTH: 53,382 words/224 pages

Seta doesn’t want another mate. Ji doesn’t want anyone but her. 

Lieutenant Seta Trax needs to transmute her grief for her deceased twin into something positive—something Rena would have wanted to happen. Her tyrannical father has asked her to track down a treasure he claims was stolen from him. If she is successful in her quest, her father will allow her female siblings a say in their mated futures.

With the freedom of her sisters at risk, Seta can’t—no make that won’t—let a Siren determined to mate her get in her way. Ji Warro claims he gave up his captaincy for her and that he wants to help with her quest. Pretending to be her union suitor though just makes everything she’s doing more complicated.

It’s bad enough that the alien spirit she hosts is growing restless within her. Does she have what it takes to control the demon who shares her life? Only time has the answer.

More importantly, how long can Seta continue to refuse to love the only male she’s ever given herself to willingly?

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The Daemon of Synar

Book 1

The Daemon Master’s Wife

Book 2

The Siren’s Call

Book 3

The Healer’s Kiss

Book 4

The Daemon’s Change

Book 5