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LENGTH:   53,382 words/224 pages

RELEASE:  November 2013

eISBN: 978-1-939988-19-5

pISBN: 978-1-939988-31-7

The Firefly-esque adventure continues, but not in space.

Captain Liam Synar and his officers have just uncovered a web of corruption in the Peace Alliance. After the death of two generals and one high ambassador, the Guardian 13 is grounded from missions for two weeks. Since their leave is mandatory, several of the crew members have decided to make the most of their enforced vacation time and head off on short adventures planetside.

Among the first of those heading off is Lieutenant Seta Trax who is trying to transmute her grief for her deceased twin into something positive—something Rena would have wanted to see happen. Her father has sought her help to track down something which he claims was stolen from him. If she is successful in her quest, her other female siblings will be allowed to have a say in their mated futures. She can’t—no make that won’t—let a Siren with a determination to mate her, stop her from her task.

Lieutenant Ji Warro gave up his captaincy for her and claims he wants to help with her quest, but his presence makes everything she’d doing just more complicated. Her life is growing more and more uncertain as the alien spirit she hosts grows restless within her.

Does she have what it takes to control the demon who shares her life? More importantly, how long can she continue to refuse the only male she’s ever given herself to willingly?

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The Daemon of Synar

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