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The Alien Guardians of Earth series is my latest dip into writing a paranormal/science fiction romance mix. Inspired by a TV show from the 90s called Witch Blade (which was about a gauntlet with powers), I decided to write a story about a female who gets bound to an ancient artifact (an actual blade) that takes over her life.

I created Archaeologist and Ancient Earth Historian, Dr. Sugar Jennings, who finds her sentient blade Indiana Jones style. Shortly after their physical bond is established, all kinds of paranormal groups start trying to kill her. When she goes looking for help in staying alive, Sugar ends up unexpectedly dealing with a race of aliens on Earth who end up guarding her and the blade.

These three stories are action-packed, maybe a bit thought-provoking, very sexy, and funny as always. I tried to make them sheer fun in every way I could.

I’ll give you a hint about the future too. There are two more blades which will be found in Books 1-3. If you guys love this series, I can easily see it expanding into Books 4-5 to include the other blade owners. You can let me know if you want those too.

Mad Panther, Book 2 of the series, is set in Machu Picchu, an intriguing and mysterious Inca site located on the top of one of the Andes mountains in Peru. Setting the beginning of the book there was lots of fun and I think you’ll enjoy it.