Whole Lot of Shiftin’ Going On


WRITTEN FOR: Magic and Mayhem Universe

SERIES: Book 1 of the Baba Yaga Adventures

LENGTH: 42,000 words

RELEASE DATE: October 2018

What happens when the ultimate Shifter Whisperer can’t solve a simple shifting problem?

Being a Shifter Whisper is the life Hildy chose to devote her witch power to, but it hasn’t worked out as she’d hoped.

Her sexy bear mate? Gone. Chuck’s committed to someone else in a way she would never ask him to ignore.

Her Prada wardrobe? That’s gone too. Donated and sacrificed by order of Gaia. You don’t need much to live in a cave, but wearing a blanket every day is a real low point.

And her sense of humor? Totally gone. Her life is too sucktastic to laugh about the death of all her dreams.

How did she end up back in this crazy shifter town and living in a creepy, run-down house that belongs in a horror movie? Because Gaia put her there to solve a problem. Shifters are turning into nightmare versions of their animals.

And if she fails to find the answer? According to the infamous Baba Yaga, the Goddess Morgana, and Gaia, the Great Mother of Earth, every shifter in the world will be doomed.

There’s a whole lot of shiftin’ going on around here, but none of it is normal.





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I’m Robyn Peterman, the creator of the Magic and Mayhem Series and I’d like to invite you to my Magic and Mayhem Universe. What is the Magic and Mayhem Universe, you may ask? Well, let me explain…

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My life hasn’t been the same since I met Robyn Peterman in a writer’s group where we were the only two comedy writers and the only two authors writing paranormal. Now we’re critique partners and over our years of working together she’s taught me many, many, many new potty words. We’re thinking about making our own dictionary.

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Excerpt from Chapter 1


One very long year, nine horrid months, and four frustrating days later…

Hildy shook her head and continued making the poultice. “I can’t help right now. My training’s not over. Ask me again in three months.”

Carol brushed a spider-web off her bare shoulder and shuddered at the dinginess everywhere. Oil lanterns scattered around had turned the ceiling black. Every surface in the cave was covered with dirt. The magic fire in the hearth and the small bubbling cauldron hanging over it were the only pleasant things about the space.

In her role as witch protectress, Carol had faced off oozing demons and foul-smelling trolls as well as many other unsavory and stinky creatures. None of them compared with the one she was facing now.

Her once pristine and uber fashion-conscious friend was today dressed in an old and dirty blanket with a hole cut out for her head. She’d bet her best wand that Hildy had a closet full of expensive size six designer clothes stashed somewhere. No way would she have given them up.

Carol crossed her arms and glared. Had Gaia’s training turned Hildy into this filthy blanket wearing crone?

“Goddess, this cave is a worse place than the prison where I incarcerate magicals. At least the prison has some natural light coming into the cells.”

She heard Hildy laughing at her comments, which meant she’d indeed spoken her thoughts aloud, but the laughter wasn’t friendly or amused. It was just mean sounding.

In less than two years, her best friend in the world had turned into a shriveled-up, miserable version of the carefree and loving woman she used to be. And Hildy’s hair… Goddess, no words even came to mind. She was not going to mention the condition of Hildy’s hair. That might be a tipping point.

Carol dropped her Baba Yaga arrogance and showed her long-time friend and witch sister her true feelings—a risk she couldn’t take very often. Being Baba Yaga required she not show favor to anyone, but Hildy was like a sister to her. She was also the only being on Earth who was worth eating humble pie in order to help.

“Talk to me, Hildy. You look mad enough to turn a dragon into a fish again. If Thane weren’t already dead, I’d be wondering if he’d returned. What’s got your hot pants—I mean, blanket—so twisted out of shape? Please tell me you’re just grouchy from not getting any bear nookie.”

Hildy ignored Carol’s ranting inquisition but their bickering did remind her of better times in her life. “Maybe I grew up while I was doing this training. Life changes a person, Carol. You’ve changed too.”

“Not as much as you have—and not in the same way. Your miserable attitude blows,” Carol argued.

Hildy shrugged off Carol’s concerns. “Everything important is fine. In three months, Gaia will bestow the rest of my healing powers. After that, I’ll do some scrying to see where I should go to set up shop. It’s been a long and dirty two years, but I’ve managed to survive it. I can’t say it was enjoyable, but I learned a lot.”

Carol pointed a finger at Hildy. “Ha! I call bullshit on the surviving story. You’re living in a creepy place and refuse to admit it. I bet you leave here with post-traumatic stress because you spend so much time alone.”

Hildy rolled her eyes. “Trust me—I get plenty of company. Zenos and the Jezibaba stop by now and again. The cats come to visit me every week. They insist on keeping me updated about the latest gossip in Assley, West Virginia—major emphasis on the ass part.”

“That doesn’t surprise me. Those three cats have their nosy whiskers stuck in everything,” Carol muttered under breath.

“I hear Dee-Dee, the deer shifter, is updating the booths in the diner. And I hear Roger the rabbit is talking about getting a therapy degree and hanging out a shingle. I also hear the werewolf turf wars are calming down now that Mac has stepped up and declared himself the shifter king.”

“Yes, but did you hear Mac went to Australia and came back with a young kangaroo buck in tow? Speculations are that he had a wild fling and brought home his love child. I think he rescued the kid. Whatever the case, the bugger is the cutest little joey you’ve ever seen and he loves to cook.”

“Sounds like everyone’s getting a family. Good for them,” Hildy muttered.

Carol heard the pain in Hildy’s voice but pushed away her empathy. It wouldn’t do Hildy any good to keep feeling sorry for herself. “And don’t sneer about Roger’s kind-hearted ambitions. The rabbit’s trying out his counseling skills to help with the current shifter problem going on in Assley. He must be okay because he’s keeping the more severely affected shifters from jumping off a cliff.”

“I’m sorry but I can’t imagine someone as perverted as Roger counseling people. Get real, Carol.”

“I’m being very real… and you know I call’em as I see’em. That’s why I’m here.” Carol dusted the front of her clothes hoping to scare the spiders away. Every creature in the cave was listening to their conversation. “There’s a whole lot of shifting going on in Assley and none of it is normal. Everyone is turning into horror movie versions of their inner animal.”

“Chuck majored in chemistry. Has he tested the water? Though you might want to get a second opinion since he tends to forget things.” Hildy glared back when Carol glared at her question. “Don’t give me that look. It’s a legitimate query. He’s smart as hell, but sometimes that bear can’t find his own pants.”

Carol huffed. “Of course Chuck tested the water, and his findings were just fine. This is some other kind of problem, Hildy.”

Hildy shook her head. “Yes, it is. It’s a Baba Yaga kind of problem. I’m just a shifter healer.”

“Don’t make me zap your ass. I can do it remotely now.”

“Okay, Baba Stump-The-Yaga, then here’s my opinion of the matter. Under this blanket, I’m as tattooed as any druid. The Earth speaks to me now, and it’s declining responsibility. The problem sounds like a wacky transfiguration spell to me. And since the issue has nothing to do with Gaia or the Earth ergo the half-ass shifting problem is officially not mine to solve.”

“You were their healer before you left them, Hildy. And I thought you intended to live in Podunkville to be close to your big old dumb blond teddy bear.

“No, what I said was that Assley, West Virginia was the armpit of the world. I never wanted to be their healer in the first place. Gaia and the Jezibaba gave me no choice.”