I was determined to make writing time for myself this year and so far I’m getting it, but WOW…

I’m doing mental somersaults trying to keep up with everything. In the background of my book writing, the publishing industry keeps erupting in jaw dropping changes. I find myself wondering how many more publishers will close. How many more authors I know will just stop writing?  

There’s a lot on my mind these days and not all of it business decisions. I’ve been worried about authors who are suddenly falling ill. I wonder if the press and rush and craziness got to them. 

This is year seven of my publishing career. As I look for a healthy balance to keep moving forward, I’m limiting priorities and making more time for myself. My focus is going to be on writing, but I’m slower this time of year. If I were a shifter, I would definitely be a bear so I could hibernate.

My inclination is to be butt in the chair all I can be and write until I’m empty, but my New Year’s promise to myself was to sit less and exercise more. Now when I take a phone call, I stand and make laps around my kitchen island while I talk. I look like a dork making those circles for a solid hour while I’m on the phone, but I’ve learned to flip off the smirking voice in my head making fun of my efforts.

Soon I’ll be posting about some brand new writing I’m doing, but first I’m finishing another “Topper” story for S.E. Smith’s Magic, New Mexico Kindle World. Look for it next week. I’ll send out a post.

Hope your New Year is going well!

~ Donna